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At the early ages when computers were not discovered at all then what was the mean to produce writing works? Obviously it was written using pen and paper. Papers were used everywhere to write on it. In industrial as well as educational fields. But humans tend to make mistakes.

So it resulted in lots of paper waste leading to affect natural resources such as trees used for making papers. And files which were also made of paper were used to store data for long time. But after the evolution of the computers an awesome product created and it is called Microsoft Office. Which eradicates all the cons mentioned above.

Free Download Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Microsoft Office Tools and Features

Microsoft Word

Who in this world would not have used MS Word to type documents? Almost every Computer user uses it. It not only provides typing functions but has numerous Features like

  • Table creation
  • Letters and Mailing
  • Header and footer
  • Spelling and Grammar check
  • Word Editing Toolbar

It would take a month to list the Features it provides. It is very useful for
educational institutes where students can prepare their project reports and for other purposes also.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is generally used to make Presentations for Business purposes and other educational purposes such as in Business they can use to present annual increase in capital using some Graphs and Animations. It provides many Features such as Animation, Graphs, Scrolling Texts and many other functions which are helpful in presenting a complete report and make your Boss happy.

Microsoft Access

This Tool is basically a Database and used for Storing Data in it and it can also be
used to Access other Databases such as MySQL stored data. In olden days data were stored in files but using this Tool user can manage the Data with better Security and store it for the longer run. It may contain organizations details of employees in the terms of tables and other means.

Microsoft Excel

This tool is mainly used for Business purposes. And it is used to store Business
relates data such as details of the items received and sent. It is fully viewed as a
grid layout in which the whole page is divided into many small Rectangles. It has many Mathematical Computational Functions which Automatically generates the answer when applied on some column of data such as Addition and Average Functions for example.

You can download this Wonderful Software from Microsoft Windows at

Free Download Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows XP, Vista and 7

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