Download NetQin Security & Anti Virus 5.0 for Android Smartphones

Many Smartphones these days are prone to Internet Security like viruses, Trojans, hacking, spyware and all other suspicious activities that may harm your Android Samrtphones. So what is the solution? Well NetQin Security&Anti Virus 5.0 provides security for all the above.

Now you can protect your Smartphone with this amazing Android Apps. This Android Apps not only provides security for Smartphones but also for Tablets. Phone locator features these days are common in all the Smartphones but for that you need to download separate Android Apps but in this Anti Virus it comes embedded with it. Let us see Features and Tools NetQin Security&Anti Virus 5.0   provides for various users.

Features of NetQin Security&Anti Virus 5.0 

Download NetQin Security & Anti Virus 5.0 for Android Smartphones

  • This advanced and the best Anti Virus Android Apps provides you total mobile security along with Internet Security for online purposes.
  • The main striking features of this Android Apps is that it provides security against malware, spyware, viruses, Trojans and blocks and uninstalls the malicious Apps that may lead to Internet Security issues like phone hacking.
  • Internet Security being the main part of any smart user plays a vital role in daily life but this amazing Anti Virus provides total security by protecting your Smartphone from phishing, adware sites and potentially dangerous sites that may harm your Smartphone.
  • Safer downloads are being provided by this NetQin Security&Anti Virus 5.0   Android Apps.
  • When it comes to updates then this Anti Virus provides free virus definitions and free database downloads to make sure you’re Smartphone always protected.

There are several issues with some of the Apps and they tries to access your private data without your knowledge and hence your privacy is affected so to take care of such Apps this Android Apps monitors such suspicious activities and blocks them. One of the striking features of this App is that it lets you to create backup and restore operations which comes in real handy when you’re Smartphone gets crashed.

If you have limited data plans for surfing over the Internet and if you are worried that you may go beyond the usage limits. Then no worries because this task is easily handled by Network Manager and periodic updates are provided for the users about the data reach limit. And this Android Apps also monitors your traffic usage details.

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