Download The Macro World of Rocks theme for Windows 7

If you are looking for Windows 7 themes and have love for rocks and gemstones, then we have a very interesting theme in line—The Macro World of Rocks theme. The theme is developed by David S. Sommers’ for the users of Windows 7 OS.

The theme has close-up photos of gemstones as polished agate, jasper and other geological rocks which are resonance of hues from abstract paintings and have resemblance to alien world. It is from the collection of new Windows 7 themes. You can download it for free from the sites which support Windows 7 software.

Free Download The Macro World of Rocks theme for Windows 7

Other specifications of The Macro World of Rocks

The Macro World of Rocks has some amazing colors and pictures. For the colorful background of your desktop you can either download all or few or one from the any of the 12 images. It has varied images of minerals and several other precious stones either from the company website or from the third party source. The resolution is very high which brings clarity in the image and it has good contrast that adds life to images.

The photographer David S. Sommers’ love for nature is beautifully captured and the 12 pictures are a proof of it. If you want to change the look of your wall of the desktop or the laptop, you can pick these from several other Windows 7 themes. It is a very interesting collection and worth a review and peek. You can download these themes for free from the official website of the Windows 7. You can download the image from the nature’s section of the windows theme.

Little information on these pictures

David S Sommers’ love of nature has taken him to these precious stones and he did justice to these natural wonders of the world. Agate which is in the macro world themes for Windows 7 themes has a very marvelous formation life. It is semi-precious gemstones and is a deposit of silicon dioxide, in the rock. In a hole of the rock it concentrates and the type and other features differ due to temperature, pressure change and of course mineral content.

Whereas the other Windows 7 themes Jasper has great fan following in Egyptians in Asian. I have high regard for; it is considered a powerful healing stone. Both Native Americans and Indians in Asia consider if magical rain stone with a power for miracle.

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Free Download The Macro World of Rocks theme for Windows 7

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