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Nowadays we are using various devices to play songs, videos & movies. Each device has its own Specific File Format to support. Ex: Nokia-3gp, Windows-WMV etc, We require a Converter software tool to convert files to various formats which should support user specific devices formats.

There exists more number of converters selling over web , but users prefer for the converter tool that takes minimal conversion time, lesser access of processor while in multitask environment, provide support to file formats of current trend device file system.

Free Download Total Movie Converter Tool for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Total movie converter is one of most widely used converter for its significant amount of file format supporting, quick conversion to desired format. Total Movie Converter has an ability convert files to mobile formats, iPod, iPhone, HD videos and portable storage media formats.

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As compared to other converters, Total media converter offers best graphical user interaction to users.

Total Movie Converter System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • Ram: 512 MB and higher versions
  • Processor: Pentium4 and later on Processor models
  • Space Required: 90 Megabytes of free disk space on your hard drive

Total Movie Converter Supported File Formats:

  • Audio Video Interleaved(*.avi)
  • Windows Media Video(*.wmv)
  • Real Media Variable Bitrate(*.rmvb)
  • DivX video(*.divx)
  • XviD video(*.xvid)
  • DVD video(*.vob)
  • Digital video(*.dv,*.dif)
  • Apple QuickTime video(*.mov)
  • MPEG video(*.mpg,*.mpeg,*.mpe,*.m1v,*.m2v,*.mpv)
  • MPEG4 video(*.mpeg4,*.m4v,*.mp4)
  • AVCHD – Advanced Video Codec High Definition(*.mts,*.m2ts)
  • Advanced Streaming Format(*.asf)
  • AVS video(*.avs)
  • Intel Indeo video(*.ivf)
  • Matroska Video Stream(*.mkv)
  • Mobile phone video(*.3gp,*.3g2)
  • HD video file(*.h261,*.h264)
  • JVC digital video(*.mod)
  • Winamp3 video(*.nsv)
  • MythTV video(*.nut,*.nuv)
  • Flash video(*.fli,*.flc,*.flx,*.flv,*.ffm,*.swf)

Total movie converter Features:

1. Multi-Language Support:

Total movie converter has 13 languages prebuilt to interact with users. This feature allows tool to be used by several countries across globe.
Thus it is most widely used over across globe, it provides trustworthy to this tool.

2. User Friendly Interaction:

Total movie converter attracts users by its user friendly menu driven appearance & playing preview of converted video format in bottom pane of total movie converter. It Presents menu bars consists of icons of specific devices for target file format device makes user more understandable.

3. Compatible in Graphical Mode & Command Mode:

Total movie controller works in both command user interface as well as graphical user interface. Command mode of Total movie converter allows non graphical.  Terminal users to use all facilities offered in graphical mode. This features permits user to specify adjustments in volume, video& frame bit rates.

4. Simultaneous Conversion:

Permits user to convert more than one file simultaneously, if user intend them to convert into same file format.

5. Support of Current Trend Files Formats:

Total movie converter even converts file for newly released Ipod & Iphones.

6. Upload Videos to Youtube & Other Websites:

Total movie converter allows sharing of videos or audio by uploading to websites. It allows directly uploading the videos to user intended website rather than using third party tool to upload.

You can get Total movie converter from the following download link

Free Download Total Movie Converter Tool for Windows XP, Vista and 7

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