Edit, Compress and Convert Images and Pictures with Picshrink

Users always get tired of editing their photos to reduce some defect or do some modification, which taken in important occasion or which they want to share among friends.

Users will popularly use Photoshop for that, but it requires series of steps and procedures which makes not user friendly that much. So users provided best image editing what they unable to share photos by their size. Scenarios like this we are need in.

Free Download Edit Compress Convert Images with Picshrink

Picshrink is killer software for image edit, compress and convert photos to user specified raw format. Picshrink image compressor software supports image types of all modern devices file formats such as JPG (Joint Photographers Group), GIF (Graphical Interface Format), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), bmp (bitmap).

Features of Picshrink

1. Powerful Image Compression Engine

  • Picshrink has an engine to minimize/shrink large file size of images files to fit in for uploading images to web and to share among friends.
  • For faster uploading to web Picshrink optimizes images accruing to user needs and it has option to send images to web through default e-mail program

2. Multiple Jobs

  • Picshrink allows user to do shrink or compress and convert bulk of images at a time by reducing user part of interaction to computer less.
  • Thus Picshrink is light software product it won’t affect much in system performance. But for very low configuration systems please read the user manuals clearly.

3. Quality remains unaffected

  • Thus we edit/compress/convert images Picshrink produces output with effects and other qualities remains unaffected of images which has been processed by this tool.

4. Image Editing Options

  • Users are allowed to modify parameters like brightness and intensity. Picshrink has an image rotating from vertical to horizontal and vice versa.
  • Thus it has new option to capture user minds that is the Auto Exif function to auto detect the images took by camera or mobile phones which photo was held upright and automatically make it way they wanted to be it.
  • Picshrink allows user to add stylish borders to images and produce watermark of user given string over images.

5. User friendly and Two Windows Preview

  • As compared to up to date selling image editing, compress and converting Software’s in web Picshrink offers best user interaction by providing tools like thumbnails, small pic on it.
  • Two windows preview special feature available in Picshrink that presents user with 2 window screens one with modified image and another displays before modification done image.

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Free Download Edit Compress Convert Images with Picshrink

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