Exciting War Gaming with MegaGlest 3.6 for Windows PC and Mac

A strategy game which has been loved by the players from all around the world, the MegaGlest is just the sequel of the hot favorite game Glest. The game is just not another strategy game but rather is a complicated as well as needs a whole lot of intelligence and planning for the game play.

The game has the basic plot where a few clans fight off against one another. But not only is the battle the ultimate thing. Rather the final word of the game is strategy where the player has to choose one of the clans as his team and has to plan the whole thing.

War Gaming MegaGlest 3.6 for Windows XP Vista 7 and Mac

The game involves the resource development of the clans where the player ha to make sure that there is enough resource available for the camps as well as the soldiers to get along in a battle as well as there is facility for their training field. Thus the whole game is a simplified version of governance. You have to choose the clans and those various facilities very carefully as one wrong choice can end up the game for you.

So plan well and make your clan the victorious one in the game. The battle takes place at an open field. So there is no way to escape the battle once it is commenced. You either have to win it or lose it by big times.

The graphics of the game that is talked about here is an awesome one with those various elements of the 3D graphics installed in it. The detailing of the whole terrain is done so perfectly that the gamer is lost in the beauty of it. The plains, the mountains and river is and those cliffs over the picturesque sea, these make up the whole plain of the gaming a stunningly beautiful one.

The game is a freeware and can be downloaded easily without any charges. The official platform for this game is the Windows and the Linux, but with those minute changes done to the game by the gamers’ forum, it is now available for the other platforms too, like the Mac OS X.

The artificial intelligence or the AI of the characters of the game play as well as of the whole gaming is done very perfectly. They can surprise you by their superb defensive skills while in battle as well as those attacks that only human mind could think about. Download the game from the website

War Gaming MegaGlest 3.6 for Windows XP Vista 7 and Mac

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