Exclusive Mobile Checker Gaming with 4Connect for Smartphones

The game is exclusively made for the smartphones. Now don’t tell us that you do not know anything about the smart phones. These are the cell phones which has got the various ultimate ranges of technologies that are available in the arena of mobile technology.

For example these are the phones which have got the Wi-Fi technology installed in them which mean it has got those high end tech stuffs installed in it to connect to the web through the Wi-Fi network that is present in the building or a campus of the University or may be somewhere else. Now about the game, the game consists of those formats which include the compatibility of the game with the Bluetooth device of the other user on the block as well as in the Wi-Fi network, who are engaged in a mind blowing game of brain teaser where the player has to complete the line in the grid by placing checkers.

Mobile Checker Game 4Connect for Smartphones Free Download

Whoever completes a vertical, horizontal or may be diagonal line in the grid is the winner of the game. And if the game goes on without anyone making such a line in the whole grid and the grid is complete with the checkers, then the whole game goes on for a tie, without any such winners. Feeling interested? Then, it’s time to read on a bit more about the game so that it can be played by you with ease and comfort. So let’s read;

The game can be played in both the landscape as well as portrait mode and is compatible with all those Windows phones available. The game is specially made for the Windows phones and isn’t available in any other format. But still it has got whole lot of fans of it for its applicability of the game play to those devices like the Bluetooth device as well as the Wi-Fi network.

The game can be played with another player and he can be a player who is playing the game over the computer also. So it is true and not a hoax that the game can also be played over the computer. And a player playing on his or her PC or laptop can play combining with the player who is connected to the same network through Wi-Fi, or even through Bluetooth. So connectivity is essential for the whole game play. It time to download and here’s the link

Mobile Checker Game 4Connect for Smartphones Free Download

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