Experience the Power of Having a Team with Team Fortress 2 for Windows PC

The most favorite and well accepted game among the youngsters is team Fortress 2. It is the top rated game in the list of free games. It is well liked due to its signature brand of class based multiplayer chaos.

Advantages of Team Fortress 2

  • Well-balanced, unique maps and classes
  • Team lively can give in enormously rewarding moments
  • Alluring visual aesthetic
Free Download Team Fortress 2 Game for Windows XP, Vista and 7

DisAdvantages of Team Fortress 2

  • Heavy dependence on other players can break or make the experience
  • Planned depth can be intimidating
  • Cost pushes boundaries of sensibility

Being one of the initial shooters to the pioneer team- and class-based gameplay, the original Team Fortress rapidly became a beloved with the online community, stirring dedication and producing countless user-created alterations that several still play these days.

Team Fortress 2 stays factual to its roots, trenching two teams against one another in the objective-based competition. Here the players on both the teams pick one character classes among the nine, each one with their individual unique talents, powers, and flaws.

The cartoon visual and stripped-down classes contradict its difficulty, and the energetic interplay of capabilities and plans is toned, chaotic, and challenging. The outcome is an incredible multiplayer experience that shows itself a commendable descendant to its decisive antecedent.

Being a solely multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2 does not need a storyline as an alternative, the game has characters. Each class is an exceptionally technique character with his own entertaining personality These classes come outfitted with three weapons, usually categorized as a prime gun, a minor weapon, and a combat weapon.

For instance, here the soldier class appears armed with a rocket launcher, with a shotgun minor weapon, and a shovel for secure quarters combat. Classes are further grouped into crime, guard, and maintain, though their real roles in combat are far more flowing.

System Requirements of Team Fortress 2


  • OS- Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • CPU- P4 processor 3.0 GHz
  • RAM- 1 GB
  • VGA- DirectX 9 level Graphics card
  • DX- DirectX 9
  • Network- Internet connection
  • Recommended Peripheral- Keyboard, Mouse

Here the disgusting group comprises the pyro, the scout and the soldier. The pyro’s are dressed in black flame-retardant suit to guard himself from his flamethrower, which in turn can light adversaries on fire. They are deadly at close range and in surrounded spaces; the pyro is much fewer efficient in an open areas.

The scout is inclining, quick, and lively, but light on fitness. He can confine points twice as quick as other classes and can speedily gun down less vigorous classes, but his comparatively low health makes him extremely at risk to sentry guns and the Heavy mini guns. The soldier handles a powerful rocket launcher that is efficient at any range. You can download free from

Free Download Team Fortress 2 Game for Windows XP, Vista and 7

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