Explorer the World of Space with Portal 2 Game for Windows PC

Portal 2 is an easily reached, intelligent, and absolute entertaining exploration into the unconventional world of Space Science. After the peculiar setting, resourceful gameplay, and amusing dialogue had all dash their course, Portal left you with a few attractive full-size anonymous.

Main amongst them were, “What occurs now?” and “How did that entire strange circumstances come to surpass?” Portal 2 rests out the answers to these questions, and in doing this journey both frontward and rearward from the termination of Portal. The answer is a continuation that does not attempt to duplicate the victorious formula of its forerunner.

Free Download World Space Portal 2 Game Windows XP Vista 7

Rather, it enlarges upon that inventive experience, making something that experiences originally familiar. Yet as one progress through the riveting single-player journey and twist with the intelligent supportive campaign, any doubts that things may be familiar are cleaned away by the range of your journey and the personalities you congregate all along the way.

You can also check out the game for

World Space With Portal 2 Game for Mac

This game can be played in both the operating system i.e. in Windows and MAC.

  • In this game each and every player returns as a Chell, where they have been in stasis for many years whereas the GLaDOS and the rest of the Space Science ability has fallen into poor shape.
  • Portal 2 prolongs to confront the player with the help of plentiful physics-based and platforming puzzles employing the portal gun.
  • The game includes a two-player supportive mode with addition to the previously existing single player mode.

System Requirements for Windows:

  • OS- Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • CPU- Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz or Dual Core 2 GHz or AMD64X2
  • RAM- 1GB for XP or 2GB for 7/Vista
  • HDD- 7.5 GB of free space
  • Graphics- 128MB Graphics Memory with pixel shader 2.0
  • Sound Card- DirectX 9

One can download this game for PC for full version from the site:

Free Download World Space Portal 2 Game for Windows XP, Vista, 7


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