Extract All Types of File Using Universal Extractor 1.6.1 for Windows PC

There is many several software present in the market that extracts archives. But Universal Extractor For Windows PC is special and has the ability to extract any sort of achieved in just few seconds. Then why go for any other archive extractor when you can have all the options available in this amazing Universal Extractor For Windows PC. 

Let us see some of the features and tools Universal Extractor for Windows PC Provides for users.

Extract All Types of File Using Universal Extractor for Windows PC Free Download

Features of Universal Extractor

  • Universal Extractor for Windows is a fully featured software tools.
  • Universal Extractor for Windows has an awesome User Interface that eases out the task of operations to be performed.
  • It not only extracts normal archives but has the capability to extract almost all types of file archives even .MSI file so as the name itself implies Universal Extractor for Windows.
  • Universal Extractor for Windows decompresses and extract files from all sort of file archive that you wouldn’t have come across till now.
  • The main and the only con in this amazing tool is that it cannot perform creating archiving functions it can only extract.
  • If you have any sort of trouble in managing and handling this tool then you can very well use the integrated help function which will connect you to the developer’s website for further assistance.
  • While performing extraction function users need to specify the destination directory in their PC so as to perform the desired operations.
  • Universal Extractor for Windows is helpful for the users who are addicted to downloads everyday and most of the downloads over the internet comes in archives only so as to compress and helps in fast downloads and thus reducing the use of memory as well as downloading time.
  • But to extract these files is not an easy task just for a normal extractor and in this modern techno world many sort of archiving is used so Universal Extractor for Windows comes in handy and performs the entire necessary task.
  • Universal Extractor for Windows is downloaded and used all around the globe by many users and their task is made easier. 

System Requirements: 

  • Operating System:  Microsoft Windows XP,Vista, 7
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Processor: Dual Core and later on processor models
  • Space required: 50 MB of free disk space on your hard drive

Download this Software Tool for Windows PC from the following link

Extract All Types of File Using Universal Extractor for Windows PC Free Download

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