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Facebook which is a social networking site now has almost eight hundred million users in and around the world.  A user gets to know about his friends and their activities through Facebook. Facebook has options to have a profile through which we can connect to our friends, update our current statuses, upload a video or audio etc. Facebook is now becoming a basic amenity to every person in the world.

Many people get captivated to Facebook without which they feel like hell. If you are one of them, this contraption tool is for you. Facebook explorer widget serves you for the purpose of connecting with Facebook.

Free Download Facebook Explorer Social Networking for Windows PC

Features of Facebook Explorer

  • Facebook Explorer widget is web enabled tool on the windows side bar.
  • This gadget bonds you with Facebook without the help of a separate browser.
  • It is a simple tool with which we can do almost everything we do with Facebook website directly.
  • We can change our Facebook status, see recent notifications, respond to friend requests, and poke updates, event invitations and group invitations.
  • This tool can be downloaded for free from official site and can be installed in our computer system as one of your windows side bar gadget.
  • The initialisation step is login to your Facebook account using connect button.
  • It opens a browser which ajar a Facebook application requesting permission to get access to basic information from your profile and act like you online with the widget.
  • Once the initialisation step is over, click on the next button to enter your desktop Facebook profile.
  • This particular tool allows you to see your friend’s activities, your wall and your profile information right from your desktop.
  • Facebook explorer has two modes of display which are full mode or mini mode.
  • Mini mode tells everything in just numbers and it is relatively smaller than the full display mode.
  • The information displayed in the tool is refreshed every ten minutes by default but it can be modified based in user constraints by the settings option.
  • There are ten themes for this application which have different colours and styles.
  • The display word font size and styles can also be altered.
  • This gadget is developed and maintained by buildagadget Inc and it has downloaded about 3.5 lakh times around the world.

System Requirements: 

  • Operating System:  Microsoft Windows or afterwards
  • Memory: 512 MB or extra
  • Processor: Dual Core or beyond
  • Space required: 50 MB of free disk space on your hard drive

You can download this tool from

Free Download Facebook Explorer Social Networking for Windows PC

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