Facebook on Every Mobile (No GPRS, No Browsers, NO Data plan)

So guys want to get connected to social networking even if you do not have GPRS or edge or even current 3G support in your mobile phone. Well of course we will provide a solution for this what you need is basic or least configuration mobile i.e., mobile that can able to make, receive calls and send, receive messages like any other basic mobile. As simple as this you do  not require to subscribe to any data plan to utilize this service. It will be handy for users who got stuck in village or remote place as you can say!!!

All that requires is that user has to be in India to avail this service. Who may think that how it is possible to access like that, yes Facebook India provides this service by something like command format. Dial *325# that is it!! 

Facebook Free on Every Mobile With No GPRS, Data plan, Browsers

Features of Facebook Free Data service:

  • No Data plan, GPRS and even mobile application to access Facebook via mobile.
  • Mobile does not require even color display to interact with Facebook. You may ask why we use basic phones to access Facebook although all of our current trends using color and with browser utility to access Facebook.
  • We are informing you that even guys having basic mobile models can share their thoughts rather searching for system with internet connection.
  • All transaction made in by pressing number and sending something like easy pisy!!!
  •  After dialing *325# all you need to login by providing username and password.
  • Everything is menu oriented for inputting username and password it will present browser screen with menu 6 options.
  • Account settings can also be modified using this service.
  • Facebook India partnered with FonetWish to bring this wonderful option and supported by most widely used mobile operators available in India like Airtel, Aircel, Idea and Tata Docomo.
  • Most of basic configuration mobile does not allow chat in Facebook without any third party application, but here comes solution for this feature.

Well guys what can I say about this service, it’s quite amazing and helpful in to stay connected to our social network without any additional charges. Guys for unlimited usage of this service will cost you 1 rupee from your talk time.

I want you to try this and play with it like I did. Display presentation of incoming notifications of processed output display on mobile is varies brands of mobile companies. Let us know what you think about the availability of this feature and how much would you like this feature.

Source: Digital Imagination

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