Facebook VS Google+ Plus – Who will Win Social Media Market [Infographics]

Google and Facebook has always been the biggest rival of all times towards each other. While there is no fight to Facebook in terms of User Interaction since its the most, infact the best Social Networking Website till date. Although Google+ has recently started off and touched a mark of 10 million members in just 2 weeks.

While the matter of fact even today is that Facebook still rules the market of Social Media, which is expected to be even more in the upcoming future. While some people argue this fact and says that Google+ is actually a combination of Facebook and Twitter as shown in the following information graphics. Today we bring you some side by side comparison of privacy, chat and friends, between the biggest rivals Facebook and Google+.

However, one can expect Google+ to be out of the market soon according to the info graphics since most people of Google+ are only for spamming and not for social interaction as what we see in Facebook. So will Google+ be kicked out by the Dominant Facebook? Find out more in the following Infographic.

Facebook VS Google+ Plus - A Great Rival Showcase [Infographics]

Source:  Single Grain

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