Fast and Secure Dedicated Servers with ServerClub

If you are a webmaster, then the most important thing for you is the affordable hosting, as always we go for many hosting services which are not much reliable and useful. However if your site receives less traffic then any hosting services is fine for you, But if your site receives more traffic then making a turn to VPS or Dedicated Hosting is always a better option so that you don’t lose visitors when your normal shared hosting site suspends you. However, dedicated hosting are always more safe, secure, fast and have the capability to handle more visitors and traffic at the same time.

While, if you are into some awesome business which is generating lots of visitors and impressions then VPS or dedicated servers is a good option which will provide you more better options in terms of control and security with the best available resources.

ServerClub is one of the most reliable hosting for websites receiving high traffic. It is managed by Florida based IT Solutions. The company has the most advanced networking system which is powered by Cisco System along with having an overall bandwidth of 220 Gbps which can also be expanded upto 400Gbps.

Features of ServerClub Dedicated Server

Fast and Secure Dedicated Servers with ServerClub Hosting

Dell Servers:

Dell is the most famous and recommended company in providing Hosting services with maximum capabilities at the cost of minimum efforts.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

This is the best solutions to the website owners who are receiving high amount of traffic. Unlimited Bandwidth helps you to use all possible dedicated servers resources at its best.

Get Started in 3 Minutes:

The Server takes less than 3 minutes to startup for a new webmaster which also comes with customizable configuration on the server.

Reboot when you wish:

You can reboot your servers accordingly to your wish, preferred to be done at the time when visitors are not much on the site.

220 Gbps Speed:

The speed is awesome which would allow you to open up your site in milliseconds, therefore giving users a better experience.

Quality Servers:

They come from the Dell Services, so its pretty obvious that the quality is going to be at its best.

Plan offered by ServerClub

Unlimited traffic Plan:

You only have to consider this Plan if you are receiving High amount of Traffic. With this you don’t even have to worry about the traffic and Bandwidth consumed.

Limited Volume Traffic:

In this plan, the traffic is going to be calcualted by the company itself and you will have to pay for only Gbytes you have used monthly.

95th percentile (Brustable):

In this plan, the bandwidth is measured according to the peak hours and you will be billed the amount accordingly.

After knowing all the features of the ServerClub offers affordable hosting services, you should be thinking to get one for you. To see the payment methods, ServerClub offers PayPal payment, which one can use to pay invoice of it. It accepts WebMoney as well. If you face any error with your server, then you can head over to the support page of the ServerClub for technical assistance.

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    These guys have a nice live-support. As soon as you visit the site you will be attracted by some support managers which will sell you dedicated server in netherlands in no time)))

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