Fast Easy File Format Conversion with ALZip for Windows PC

Commonly users of internet aware of archiving and compressing softwares for to compress and archive several files as single package to be sent through mail over web.

There are various and different kinds of softwares available for this internet but most of them have their own specific file formats to open compress and decompress. So users we are detailing about archiving software product named ALZip that supports file formats of 40 types in updated latest released version of this tool. The Most commonly used file formats are also included in that like zip, rar, 7z, ISO, ACE and many more.

Free Download ALZip Fast Easy File Format Conversion

ALZip provides file format EGG which facilitates better compression ratio and supporting of Unicode encoding.

Features of ALZip

1. Fast and Lite

  • Most of this compression software takes notifiable size of memory space for installing and running. But ALZip requires less memory space thus makes it as light.
  • As told before file size of this product very very small, so it can be easily and quickly downloadable even from low speed internet connections.

2. File Formats Support

  • ALZip unique feature u can count on is that it can support 40 file formats that includes all formats used by other archive and compress software product used widely.
  • AlZip tool offers creating self-extracting archives & also allows open CD image files (.ISO, .BIN), offers you to view content and extract the content.

3. Virus Scanning

  • Windows users already aware of virus, viruses are malicious coding that affects our computer. So before opening file it would be better to scan for viruses in it.
  • Virus check can be default antivirus installed in your operating system and allows passing some parameters.

4. Compress Archive

  • ALZip offers user to create compressed archives in 8 different file formats that includes its own file format EGG also.

5. Easy to zip and unzip

  • ALZip provides easy way to zip and unzip of archived files and decompress them.ALZip is reliable, fast, quick and effective.

6. User Interface

  • ALZip provides archive contents displayed as icons, and supports 21 languages different languages.
  • Users are presented with neat interface, why we are saying this is because when you place mouse pointer on them provided description of them.

7. Mail Archive

  • Archived files can be sent through mail across web by using default e-mail client program installed in your system.
  • ALZip also allows external parties to mail this files.
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Free Download ALZip Fast Easy File Format Conversion

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