Finance Investment tracking with Wikinvest Android App

Invested money in stock market and other places and need to keep an eye on the ups and downs of the market? So that you keep updated and take necessary decisions according to the market situations.

Wikinvest Android App provides all the updates and details about the market and the money invested in it. 

Let us see the Features and Tools Wikinvest Android App provides for the users. 

Free Download Wikinvest Finance Tracking Android App for Mobile


  • Wikinvest Android App tracks all the investment accounts.
  • It has all in Feature that keeps track and lets you stay updated and free of worries.
  • Going out of city and traveling on the way but want to know the updates regarding your investment accounts?
  • Then Wikinvest Android App is the perfect and best App that gives you all the freedom to stay updated with all the details.
  • The main feature over the security concerns is that Wikinvest Android App provides most secured connection over the web to keep your privacy safe.
  • Wikinvest Android App also enables user to have notifications regarding the fund holdings and other details.
  • Wikinvest Android App provides investment news just in a flash.
  • Once this App is installed it lets you to link to your personal Account and manage all the necessary things required for the invested money.
  • The design and other features are very modern.
  • Wikinvest Android App is fully Featured App.
  • Wikinvest Android App provides all the news regarding stock rates and their current status.
  • When any of the stocks changes then the user comes to know about it instantly and can make necessary efforts to buy or sell shares.
  • It is cross plat formed and supported by various smart phones.
  • Wikinvest Android App can link multiple accounts of brokerage.
  • It also provides details in terms of graphs through which user can quickly understands.
  • As per security concerns we already discussed earlier and it also provides encryption technique to make your account more secure and makes it protected from eavesdropping.
  • Wikinvest Android App is proving to be a smarter App among Business Typhoons who wants to enlarge their business.
  • Wikinvest Android App is very popular for its prompt and updated service in the Android market. 

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  • An Android OS enabled Phone. 
  • Allow Network Access. 

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Free Download Wikinvest Finance Tracking Android App for Mobile

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