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Google Maps are one of the most Popular Android Apps which is in use. But due to its crashing and slow response problem, Google maps keeps improving itself and being constantly updated with new features and technology. One of the results of Google Maps improvement is MyDirections. MyDirections is an extension of Google Maps, but it doesn’t use Google Maps as its base layer. Hence MyDirection appears with a very different look than actual Google Maps.

It uses Google Maps instead. You can find all types of maps and their navigations with MyDirections. This Mobile Apps helps you find the direction/Navigate/Store Locations/Address. But this Requires Google Maps 4.2.0 or higher and the Navigation Feature in it requires Google Maps 4.2.0 and Android 1.6 or higher. Something which is attracting about this mobile apps is you will get directions of your destination without typing. All you need to do is install this Android Apps in your Android Mobile, tap on your desired destination and you will be provided with the results.

MyDirections Google Map to Find Direction Navigation on Android

This Android Apps automatically determines the source i.e.. Where you are and gets the directions to your destination. The Phone book list will get loaded into this Map, so it becomes very easy to reach the destination mentioned in your phone book. You will have to give a click and this Map will display you the route to your friends place.

You can create multiple list of custom destination, like you can decide on the favorite destination (for example your favorite Chinese restaurant or Coffee Shops). Then when you will opt for that place like (Coffee Shop) and the map will automatically display the route to that following destination. Unlike other maps which shows a list of places near you, this Map will result in the closest place around you.

You can also add the logo to the business contacts which can be added to the custom destinations. The features of this Map are Restore capabilities from backed-up data currently not available. (It will be supported in next release), can import address from the contact as I said before, rating capabilities and fixes minor bugs.

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MyDirections Google Map to Find Direction Navigation on Android

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