Find Subways, Metro, Buses, Trains Routes on aMetro World Subway Maps

Visiting a city, state or country for the first time? It doesn’t matter anymore if you are familiar with that place or not. Once you have your Android mobile with Android Apps like aMetro World Subway installed in it.

Then it will become a lot easier for you to travel and find your destination, doesn’t matter you are visiting some place for fun, Business deal or honeymoon. This mobile app will fetch you Coffee Day, Business Parties, Tourist Spots, Hotels and a lot more in no time along with a complete stretch of routes to that destination. This Mobile Apps is a transit systems handbook which contains all the subway, buses, trains and metros details all over the world describing it to you in the format of Maps. Though this you can decide on the means of travel and can also estimated time to reach destination.

Find Metro Buses Trains Routes on aMetro World Subway Maps

Once you discover a route, you can use SD cards/USB to store those maps to use it later. The Network Communication creates a network socket and views the state of all networks. It can find the location of your Phone and gives the result as the complete description of the place where you are.

Now this Mobile tools also contains Spanish translated version of this app. Something which might be irritating is that this Mobile Apps is that it the system tool allows self starting as soon as the system has finished booting. So this will make your device take abit of longer time to get started with and also slows down the working of your device because of its always running feature.

It can show maps of around 180 cities in the world, mentions almost all kinds of transportation, supports Multilanguage interface, Knows its bugs and works accordingly, update maps automatically, finds the nearest landmark, stations etc. Provides good coverage and works well in offline mode too. You can choose a particular place by just clicking on it and zooming it to get a clear view.

Some features which are lagging in this mobile app are it doesn’t display route alternatives hence it lag in providing shortest path or less transfer path, there is no search which will provide another line/route with minimum transfer. This device is available for free and you can download this at

Find Metro Buses Trains Routes on aMetro World Subway Maps

Note: If the application crashes when you load it for the first time, then try reinstalling it. You can also watch the following video to take a note of on how this application works

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