Flare, Liverpool and Minimalistic Nokia Mobile themes

Mobile themes provide you with a huge collection of Nokia themes in and around us. But a very few get the hold and become popular. Few well-designed themes go unnoticed because of lack in its advertising. It creates a lot of confusion on which theme to choose and which will adapt the best looks with your Nokia model. So here is the collection of best themes for Nokia mobile.

1. Flare Nokia Themes

The flare is one of the best Mobile themes which are available for free. This theme stands out from others as it is based on Scalable Vector Graphics. It is developed in such a way that it helps in the usability of the user. The icons of this theme are designed is customized in such a way that it gives a very simple look with user-friendly experience.

Flare, Liverpool and Minimalistic Nokia Mobile themes

The clarity of this theme is a big success in almost all mobiles. Hence the compatibility of this mobile almost all models of Nokia mobile. Another main feature of this theme is that it has a multi-dimension view. This theme will only occupy 611 KB of your mobile and hence removing the major drawback of memory space. Click here to download flare

2. Minimalistic Nokia Themes

Minimalistic Art is our next theme which deserves to the theme applied on your mobile right now!! Simplicity is always divine and people who are simple and love simplicity should go for this theme. This theme is as simple as it can be and that makes it beautiful. Apart from that people who like the brand ‘American eagle’ can also opt for this theme, the wallpaper of this theme has an eagle which is taken from this brand.

Flare, Liverpool and Minimalistic Nokia Mobile themes

This theme is also Salable Vector Graphics, hence will go well with almost all the models and it is network carrier independent. It is named as minimalistic, but it is not actually what name reflects. To get a look of this unminimalistic theme, click here– Minimalistic Art

3. Liverpool Nokia Themes

Our next theme is Liverpool theme, which is basically designed with UEFA and English Premier League as the point of attraction and so it is named as ‘Liverpool’. This is one of the best team and has a huge collection of fans. Hence, fans of this club are getting a big treat because they are definitely going to love it.

Flare, Liverpool and Minimalistic Nokia Mobile themes

The theme doesn’t focus only upon the player or coach alone, it also focuses on there loving fans. This theme is quite flexible and will not consume much of memory from your mobile. This theme is also SVG, hence compatible for almost all mobiles. Click here to download  liverpool

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