Flying with Tiny Wings Game for iPhone/iPad

Have you dreamt having those wings and flying off? Then this game is just made for you. The game Tiny Wings has got all those features that is required by the gamers to gave a beautiful portable game. The iOS provides the support to one of the best games in the market to be played on those devices that has got the iOS in them. Now let’s talk about the game.

The game involves the player to fly off but the problem is that the wings of the player are too small to fly a long distance. But for this there is the solution, you just have to fly of the hills which are plenty in the game and flap your wings on the way before you land up due to gravity to another hill.

Download Tiny Wings Game for iPhone and iPad Apps

There are hills everywhere and you can land up safely to one of them to take another flight from it. This way you can learn the perfect way of flying with wings on. but remember to fly on nights only as otherwise it will end up into a dream once again as you will land up into a perfect mess under the sky. Fly off and explore the world. To know more about the whole gaming, just try the next few lines;

The game is apparently very simple one but with those simple but interestingly skirled controls of the game play, the game has become excitingly beautiful as well as interesting fro the gamers around the gaming world.

As every one knows the world is in a state of change can find a new world everyday he or she wakes up from the sleep. And o does it happen in this game. Every time you play the game you could find a way or two different in the whole visual as well audio also. This change in the environment is the attractive thing in the whole game.

There are those various levels and side missions like every time you jump over an ocean and cross it to land up into an island, you are served with a new mission which is different from the basic mission in the game.

The game involves the cloud touch technique which is the best one in the gaming sector fro those touch phones. Thus the game has got every possible element in it to make it a blockbuster hit. Download the game from

Download Tiny Wings Game for iPhone and iPad Apps

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