Free Online Typing Lessons Course with keybr to Test Typing Speed

There are many people in the world who wants to test their trying speed as well as improve their trying speed. For this purpose, there is an awesome website, Keybr, offers you beautiful and perfect Online Typing Course for everyone for free of cost to test as well as improve your trying speed.

However, one of the most simplest thing of this website is that it is very simple to use along with showing up of how your fingers has to be placed on each and every key in the picture. Interestingly, the Typing course starts in Pause Mode and when you click on the screen, then the course starts. When you want to go again into the Pause Mode, just press ESC and it will be again in the pause situation.

Free Online Typing Lessons course with keybr to Test Typing Speed

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Its the best infact, because when you start typing any text, it will be displayed at the top of your Browser screen with black in color when the letters types are correct and red if the letters you have provided are incorrect. Along with that, you can also see a Virtual keyboard on the screen which you can use for typing as well. The next letters whatever is to be typed is displayed in Green Color, other than the incorrect one to be displayed as Red.

It also brings you out the most Frequently used Keys which has been used during your typing test along with that you can also see a Map which will be displayed on the screen with the virtual keyboard. When you want to view the Map, just click on the “Map keys”.You also get various Lessons to choose from which you can change it anytime during the test, and then new more keys will be introduced to you when you are going towards the Difficult Levels.

While Unlike all other typing website which gives you some meaningless sentences to type and check, but this will give you out all the meaningful sentences to type and test your skills. However, if you are able to complete all the sentence as well as all the lessons then you can also choose to use the Custom Mode so that you can also insert your Custom Text which you want to practice it or you can also choose to import text into the website.

You can also create a free account on this website , then it will monitor all your Number of Words per Minute along with the mistakes and also will display you a Monitoring Graph which will give you out your Daily Performance.

Free Online Typing Lessons Course with keybr to Test Speed


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