Free Open Source UltraVPN Browsing with OpenVPN Client

Ultra VPN is French VPN Client, it hides your connection and allows you to use blocked application. Therefore this network will hide your description like who – or where – you are. The traffic quote in this VPN is unlimited and is based on OpenVPN. The Bandwidth is up to 500Ko/s depending on network conditions. The server of UltraVPN is run by Lynanda. Traffic logs and connection problems are controlled which leads the user to do what they want using UltraVPN all anonymously.

The service available for free, once you log-in, you will be provided with the log-in username and password. That’s all you need to do, as the program will automatically connect and assign you a new, anonymous IP address. It can be used by any individual who simply wants to protect his private stuffs and that is possible on LAN as well as public hotspot. It encrypts your network connection to provide the desired security to your network. This VPN client has very simple user-interface to connect or disconnect to our VPN servers.

Free Open Source UltraVPN Browsing with OpenVPN Client

Features of Open VPN

  • It protects your email and browsing privacy
  • It avoid being identified on the internet
  • It uses VoIP program like Skype if it’s blocked
  • It connects or log in into MSN if it’s blocked
  • It access blocked websites from within a corporate environment
  • Very easy to use with a simple user interface

Disadvantages of Open VPN

  • It does not have many configuration options
  • It makes browsing slightly slow
  • Sometimes it takes few tries to connect
  • You cannot use ultraVPN to send the spam

As the result of all the pros and cons of this VPN Software, it can be described as a fully-fledged open source SSL VPN solution which can accommodate wide range of configurations, including remote access, site-to-site VPNs, Wi-Fi security, and enterprise-scale remote access solutions, free OpenVPN with the standard of the shelf Open source configuration. You can use UltraVPN to commit hacking, but you are required to cover your traces.

Security in UltraVPN

The networks in this type of network are very secure, but at the same time the weakest part. You will be able to check the source code and build it yourself. This depends upon the OpenVPN, which is available. OpenVPN is the de-facto reference for SSL VPN.

Free Open Source UltraVPN Browsing with OpenVPN Client

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