Free VPN Client Software with PacketiX.NET

PacketiX.NET is a Japanese commercial VPN service developed by SoftEther Corporation. The services offered by this  VPN Client – are VPN online test environment and secure internet test condition. You can use the test version of this VPN completely free. It is very simple to use and reliable, stable, flexible and expandable. It works on OS- windows 2000, Xp, vista, Solaris and Linux. The network can be scaled to meet the demands of a successful growing business.

Advantages of PAcketiX.NET

  • Flexibility
  • Cost Reduction
  • Stability and Scalability
  • Security
  • Easy to Install and Manage

PacketiX.NET - Virtual Private Network (VPN) Client Software Service

PacketiX VPN Software allows administrators to connect local networks at different locations into one integrated network, therefore all resources can be easily accessed from anywhere and at anytime. It reduces the usage of rent dedicated lines and expensive specialized hardware to create a secure network connection to remote locations. It supports the encryption of communication packets, server authentication, user authentication using password or hardware token and many more.

VPN Online Test Environment

The  Free VPN Online Test Environment is the shared VPN server cluster, using this you will be able to create your private Virtual VPN Hub. You can also configure our own Virtual Hub on the PacketiX.NET VPN Server Cluster. There is variety of VPN server functions available. You can also access the VPN with the PacketiX VPN Client from your PC. You need to install VPN client software for that.

Secure Internet Test Service

Secure internet test service is use to route all of your Internet data communication over a secure gateway server, encrypted via SSL. The data which is transmitted is routed over a secure gateway server and encrypted by SSL. It does not depend on the base whether it is wireless or wired LAN, anybody could intercept the traffic, or over a public Internet access service.

You can access the service from the internet perfectly at placed like-

  • Public wireless LAN hotspots
  • Hotel wireless LAN hotspots
  • Company or university LAN hotspots
  • ISP

Connection set up

When you connect the PN Server of the Secure Internet Test Service, the information which you transferred through the web server will be encrypted via SSL and routed over the gateway of the Secure Internet Test Server. This way a secured connection is established that cannot be spied on by third parties. You can download the VPN software at

PacketiX.NET – Virtual Private Network (VPN) Client Software Service

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