Frog Jump Gaming with Dizzypad HD for iPod and iPad

Dizzy pad HD is a high resolution and high quality game which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups ranging from old people to kids and includes a range of thirty unlock able frogs as well as other awards and leader boards. You can test your aim with jumping from one leaf to other with the frogs.

The leaves act as the launch pads and helps propel you from one pad to the next. Try launching in different angles instead of moving around and rotating. You could also test your memory and by picking frog pairs and remembering them, it is definitely going to sharpen your brain.

Free Download Frog Jump Gaming Dizzypad HD for iPod and iPad

New features in version 1 .0 .3 include

  • Unlimited game play.
  • The game has great graphics and beautiful artwork, which is brand new and upgraded from the previous versions.
  • Great work has gone into the making which has yielded great results so far and hence welcomes you to the world of Dizzy pad HD.
  • Full multiplayer option and functionality.
  • Optimized for iPod and iPad only.
  • Easy to pick up and play. Great fun to play for all age groups.
  • Interesting and fun game play.
  • Different background that you can choose from like desert or city.
  • Online multiplayer options available, that you can choose from, maximum of four players can play together in the multiplayer option.
  • New improved sound tracks make it a great experience for the players. Everything has been modified and the new music and game play give you a very edgy feel over the game and it makes it great fun to play.

In the new software update you get many additional features as well, like

  • Crashes at startup are fixed and hence you can proceed without being held up, right at the beginning, a problem with the older version which many had to cope up with.
  • Support has been added for both the landscape orientations and hence you find it more interactive and easier to use.
  • It offers you all the information that you require about the game and you can also download the game for free from their website. You can also get the different versions of the game and can also look for updates with time. It is a very interactive site and is completely trustworthy and authentic.
You can download Frog Jump Gaming with Dizzypad HD from the following downloadable link

Free Download Frog Jump Gaming Dizzypad HD for iPod and iPad

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