Fun Survival Shooting Gaming with Zombieville USA 2 for iPhone, iPad and Android

Do the zombies still scare you? Do you want to feel the childhood days again when you slept with the kitchen knife or the ruler to fight off those zombies? Then this game is perfectly made for you. The iOS platform has given chance for the development of many games like this by various companies around the world.

The iPhone and iPad are the two lovely devices with their superb touch screen facilities provided the perfect idea for many of those game makers to develop those games that are essentially touch enabled. The game Zombieville USA is the one which involves those excellent touch screen controls of the game which makes it an easy to play game with gamers around the world loving the whole experience. The critics have also given it a high ranking among the games of the same class.The game involves the killing of those living dead who have taken the control of the town, and the player has to emulate them to save the town as well as the residents who still aren’t dead or turned into zombies.

Zombieville USA Game Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Free Download

So what you are waiting for! Go save your town from those creatures. Read more to find a few interesting facts about the game. The game is based on a action horror basis, where the player has to kill all those creatures with horrible looks on their face. But that player has got all sorts of weapons in his armor to destroy them.

These weapons include flamethrowers, shotgun and 15 weapons like this. The weapons have the ability to deal mass damage to the enemy. It is necessary for the player to look out for the available cash in his account as well as the armory. Be assured that once if you have run out of these two, you are going to be savored by the zombies. So be very careful while attacking the zombies.

The graphics of the game is stunning and can defeat any other game in this category with the detailing that has been done to the game by the developers. The graphics is so beautiful that any gamer would fall in love with it in the very instant of the first time play.

As a whole the game is a lovely one for the touch screen game play and thus is recommended by the critics for the users. Next time you search for an action packed gaming for your iPhone, iPad and Android, you will find out the download link over here

Zombieville USA Game Apps for iPhone and iPad Free Download

Zombieville USA Game Apps for Android Free Download

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