Future Powerful Gaming with Atlantis Defense for Windows PC

Feeling tired of protecting the earth in the various games that you have? Then this game will give you a bit of fresh air to your sails. This game is all about the whole thing called future gaming, where the Earthlings are the species who are ruling the solar system and the inhabitants of it.

The year is 3012, and the whole satellite of Europe, one of the major satellites of the planet Saturn. The earthlings have enslaved all those inhabitants of the Europe, but in between the slaves raised the only Hero, named Freedom, who congregated those people of the Europe and launched an assault against the earthlings.

Atlantis Defense Future Powerful Game for Windows PC

This attack was not successful but still it was well enough to make a stand of the Europe people in their planet and its control. They slowly gathered the technology and other such things for the earthlings and were planning for an attack to be launched again on the planet, when the Earthlings attacked the Europe with all its might and with those spaceships and destroyed every single colony and village of the Europe.

The few Europeans who survived the attack took shelter in the single stable holdout, the village of Atlantis. From here on starts the journey of the Europeans to defend their place from the earthlings. The only weapon they have got are those three anti-aircraft guns which are just very small an amount against those Mighty Earthlings.

The whole new game is just the opposite of those normal games of alien attack, where the earth is invaded by the alien forces. But here the alien planet is invaded by the humans and the player has to fight off those human forces to take out Europe out of the slavery of the Earthlings. The plot is almost same to that of any other alien attack game, but still it has got some variety.

The game is a fast moving one with the spaceships as well as those guns blazing fire and other such weapons getting the heel of a wreck out there on the Europe. You are the character of Freedom who is in charge of the whole assault of the Europeans.

Those guns and weapons can be upgraded for the final battle that is to happen on the Europe against the humans. This battle needs those specific guns and weapons to take down those enemy spaceships. Download the whole game from the

Atlantis Defense Future Powerful Game for Windows PC

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