Generate Expense Reports with Abukai Expenses Android App

Having hard time generating expenses made through out a certain time period? Well no more because leave these entire job to the Abukai Expenses Android App which is an amazing App for Expenses Report Processing. It provides various Controls and Options for the user to generate such Expense Reports.

Abukai Expenses Android App is mainly used by the Business Professionals and other small market sellers to stay updated with the expenses all the time. Let us see some of the Features it provides and Tools used in this App.

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  • This App can be used in various Mobile Phones such as Samsung, Blackberry and other Android enabled Phones.
  • Excellent mean to generate Expenses Report Processing.
  • This is very Quick and needs user data upon which it can process the details.
  • Very user friendly and less time consuming.
  • It has made the lives of various Businessmen easy and reduced their tension to a greater extent by Generating Accurate Expense Results.
  • Reports can be filled in Easy steps as follows.
  • Capture a photo of receipt from your Smart Phone, Submit it and wallah it will automatically generate the Expense Report.
  • It is not cheap in the market though but you can afford it if you have a large business and which needs computations in minutes.

Working Principal

When the App is started for the first time after the installation it has 2 options which  are

1. Add Receipt

2. Submit. 

When you select Add Receipt it will initialize your Smart Phone’s camera and lets you take a snap of the receipt. It also has the options retake and cancel in case if you didn’t take the pic as desired.

The user can Submit the pic taken. Once submitted it will generate a Dialog Box stating “You should receive your furnished expense report by Mail within 24 hrs.” But this is only a formality most of the time your report will be generated in 10 minutes and sent to your Mail Account and you can make use of it.

In Mail you would receive in various formats from PDF, .XLS, .OFX to .CSV for the user convenience.


Abukai Expenses is an amazing App for various users around the world.
Many users all around the globe are using this App to develop their Businesses in better and faster means which any other App fails to do so.

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