Get All News from 2012 London Games iPhone App

I guess you are all set for the London Olympics 2012. This is one big event and you don’t want to miss out even on a single moment. Olympics 2012 has events like javelin throw, basket ball, foot ball, volley ball, pole jump, long jump, triple jump, swimming, archery, clay shooting, hockey, boxing, weight lifting, races and much more.

To get you all the necessary details on the events like schedule, their history and much more 2012 London Games iPhone Apps is the one you want. This App is fully featured App with awesome UI to offer for various users through out the world. So let us see some of the Features and Tools this App provides for various users.

Features of 2012 London Games iPhone App

Get All News from 2012 London Olympics Games iPhone App

  • A complete guide that will provide you with all the necessary details of Olympics and Paralympics.
  • It has various Tabs like welcome, Events and Schedule to provide all the details associated with the Olympics.
  • The welcome tab includes details about the App you are using, like it is an unofficial guide for the London Olympics.
  • The Events Tab includes all the events details along with amazing snap of all the events which gives you a real life experience of this App.
  • And if you click on any of the events snap then you get to know all the associated details about it like history for example and some thing about the game.

Along with details of the venues you also get to know the key facts say for example you viewed an event basket ball then along with the event detail it will show the key facts as- the venue associated with it, where the preliminary rounds are going to held for that particular game etc.

Schedule Tab includes all the required info such as date, time and place where the game or event is going to take place. It also shows the start and end time of the game that is going to be played on that particular day and date. A countdown feature is also included with this App so that you get to know the time left for beginning of the Olympics and much more. So athletes download this App and manage your Olympics this year with more passion. You can download this App from the following official download link given below.

Get All News from 2012 London Olympics Games iPhone App

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