Get All News from Olympics London 2012 iPhone Apps

London Olympics 2012 is almost here only a few weeks away. This is one big event that almost every person is looking for who are going to visit the Olympics 2012. There are various games being played in this massive event like foot ball, volley ball, pole jump, long jump, triple jump, swimming, archery, clay shooting, hockey, boxing, weight lifting, races and much more.

This one big event is yet to start and if you are willing to have a countdown clock in front of your eyes all the time then why not in your own iPhone Smartphone? Well, London-2012 iPhone Apps is one that satisfies all your needs of the timings provided for the Olympics through out the world. So let us see some of the Features and Tools this App provides for various users.

Features of London-2012 iPhone App

Get All News from Olympics London 2012 iPhone Apps

  • For countdown to be all the time on your Smartphone home screen you need to first download it from the download link given at the end of the post.
  • Along with countdown this App has trivia for all the games. Like Football won by the countries along with the medals etc.
  • This App has got amazing user interface which shows the countdown clock running all the time with different time zones according to the users’ wish.
  • You can look it as a widget that runs all the time on your home screen of the mobile to provide you with the every second of the countdown.
  • London-2012 iPhone App is fully featured App for the upcoming Olympics. So don’t miss out at any instance.

So folks download this amazing App and never miss out any second of the countdown of the Olympics games and stay updated with all the different time zones across the world too with this App. You can download this App from the following official download link given below.

 Get All News from Olympics London 2012 iPhone Apps

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