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Many Android users, many Android phones and so “many Android apps“. Lots of choice to choose between variety of Android applications which provides you different types of services. Here I am going to talk about map applications. When a user is using Map Application he/she is suppose to be connected to network using GPRS or WiFi. This is affordable locally.

But when a person is in roaming and requires the usage of this type of Mobile Apps, in that case it becomes slightly unaffordable especially for people who switch places regularly. So here is an application wherein the Map can be saved in your SD card and then you can use it while traveling anywhere without being under Network Connection. The Mobile Apps I’m talking about is named as Maps (+)/Maps (-). Maps (+) provides you off-grid Navigation as you can save you Map on SD Cards. So it can be termed as an idle usage for international roaming. It has a fixed GPX import on 1.6 and 2.1, it will autoload the last track after you exit and enter again. It can also restore a particular fixed track. It has recursive map caching, GPS location and multiple maps source.

Free Maps(-) Android Apps for Better Navigation while Roaming

This Mobile tools allows access to USB storage also i.e. you can write in devices like SD cards, USB storage. It can access location source such as Global Positioning System on the device, cellular network database to determine an approximate device location. The drawback of this application is that it can only tell the approximate calculation of where you are and consumes additional battery usage. You can download this Mobile Apps at Maps (+)

Maps (-) is also an Offline map which Support Ads version. It can cache maps that be saved in SD cards and be used while traveling without network coverage. The Noticeable features of this Mobile tool is configurable multiple map sources, GPX files, magnification of maps for comfortable readability, recursive caching and GPS with auto-follow capabilities.

This mobile app also has all new functioning capabilities which maps (+) has including location, storage and network communication. This Android application acts well as an alternative to Google maps because it doesn’t crash instantly the way Google Maps crash, provides fast results, good accuracy and easy to use. You can download this mobile application at Maps(-)

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