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The Olympics 2012 is on the way to the London. This is one event that has got the most number of the games like badminton, swimming, basketball, boxing, volleyball, cycling, diving, judo, football, water polo, table tennis and many more that you could even think of.

But to get schedule of all these events printed on a paper could be a hard task as you have to maintain it all the time with you. But no more if you got an Android Smartphone. Olympic Calendar Free Android Apps takes care of the entire necessary London Olympics 2012 schedule. So let us see some of the Features and Tools this App provides for various users.

Features of Olympic Calendar Free Android App

Olympic Calendar Complete London Olympics Schedule on Android

  • It provides the total list of all the events and their corresponding schedule.
  • Each and every event details is provided in detail along with their timings of occurring.
  • You can select your favorite’s events and can store them as favorite almost like you are bookmarking your interest pages.
  • Each event info such as location, photograph, gold medals and the current world record held for that event.
  • A detailed hierarchy of each event is provided for the users so that they don’t miss out any event that is going to take place at the Olympics.

In some of the Android platforms this App doenst fit full screen which limits user friendly experience for the users. The only app at present in the Android market that provides the full detailed schedule of the Olympics 2012. But this App is worth downloading so that you can have all the schedules and timings of all the games.

The recent updates includes EVO 3D full screen. The UI has been updated the earlier view displayed individual dates which can be expanded. Some events details are also updated. The events are now arranged in alphabetical order to avoid any confusions among the users. You can download this App from the following official download link given below.

Olympic Calendar Complete London Olympics Schedule on Android

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