Get Safety and Security Alarm with Bipper bSafe Android App for Mobile

 People seem to be brave at day time. But during dark nights even the brave people tend to fear the unknown. Walking home late from a dark street and feels like some one is keeping an eye on you?

All these things adds extra worries to the various people all around the Globe specially Girls who works late at the call centers. Need any help in case if such situation arrives as discussed above? Well bSafe Android App is the only solution to it.

Free Download Bipper bSafe Security Android App for Mobile

Let us see the Features and Tools bSafe Android App provides for the users. 


  • bSafe Android App enables users to have a safety and security alarm.
  • This App has various Options in which you can feed the contacts of your loved ones and who can come for help during these kinds of situations.
  • On Alarming bSafe Android App alarms the users whose contacts are stored and send text messages to the entire network people for help to be sought.
  • It has a Panic Button which enables the users to activate emergency alarm to the loved ones and make them alert.
  • bSafe Android App’s Fake Call Feature allows user to make a self call when user feels to be threatened.
  • It also has a Timer Mode set for a particular period of time when not reaching back home in time then as soon as the time gets over the loved ones gets alarmed.
  • Alert Mode also enables the user to send a Text Message along with the Link that has all the info regarding the place’s map info and the current location. So that the loved ones get full details.
  • No wonder this bSafe Android App is Proving to be the Safest personal mode a user can have and feels the difference of not having alone in the places like wide dark streets at the night.
  • bSafe Android App is used by many people to make sure their loved ones are safe and keep track of them by this App.
  •  Specially used by the teenagers to make sure that their girl friends are safe while returning home at late nights from disco and parties. 


  • An Android OS enabled Phone. 
  • Allow Network Access. 

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Free Download Bipper bSafe Security Android App for Mobile

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