Get the New Calendar Monthly Theme for Windows 7

There are varieties of themes for windows 7 based on your taste. But if you opt for random but exciting themes, then your Windows 7 can now be changed to a different theme every month. After the success of ‘Calendar theme of 2011’. We can now fetch Windows themes for 2012 too. After the appreciation received by users, they started working on further themes.

There is a Calendar Theme of 2012 which will visualize all 12 months of the year. It contains 12 HQ backgrounds for the respective month and the background is chosen in such a way that it will match the season of the month. For example- during winter season the background will depict winter and during summer season it will depict summer. The wallpaper are also given appropriate effects to match to the season. There are two different Calendar themes, one for northern hemisphere and one for southern hemisphere.

New Calendar Monthly Theme for Windows 7 Free Download

So, as per your location your theme will fit properly to the season of their country. You can download this at Calendar-2012 Theme. Apart from that there are monthly themes too. All the backgrounds are of high quality and 1920 x 1200 pixels like the rest of our Windows 7 Themes and will fit very well into computer screens of nearly all sizes. January 2012 Calendar Windows 7 Theme is a theme to be in use during this current month. There are around 12 backgrounds in this theme. You can download this at January-2012-Calendar theme for windows 7.

February 2012 Calendar Windows 7 Theme is our next theme. It consists of 10 backgrounds and is of same pixels as January calendar. This theme is specially known for its scenic beauty. You can download this at february-2012-Calendar theme for windows 7. March 2012 Calendar Theme also has 10 backgrounds and is known for its elegance. You can download this at march-2012-Calendar theme for windows 7

Instead of downloading theme for every month you can also download a particular theme for the month you like for example the month you got married or the month you were born and can enjoy the scenic beauty of that month alone. All the other following monthly themes consist of 10 Amazing background with best quality and pixels.

One of the best themes among those is October Calendar theme, they have included all backgrounds in this theme to show the beginning of autumn. They also take users view under consideration and create theme required by them. You can download the themes for other months and give your suggestion at windows 7 calendar themes

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