Golden Age Gaming with Pocket God: Journey to Uranus

The name is attractive in itself only. The terms and that too, very starkly varying terms, GOD and Pocket when placed together will create a sensation in the market. And this was known to the game developers also. And only for this reason they have named it like this.

The game involves the age old gaming theme, space odyssey and fight with those creatures of space. The player possess the role of the God who tries on his power over the whole universe, checks out the strength of himself as well as launches an attack on the planet Uranus. The planet has got those robots which are evil minded and are planning for the destruction of the godly creation. The Pocket God: Journey to Uranus provides the gamers with the option to explore the vast universe and reach those unknown planets over it, which are still un-explored.

Pocket God: Journey to Uranus iPhone iPad iPod Free Download

These are the planets which have got those strange highways as well as those colonies of robots from different universe. These are the same robots that are reinforcing the attack that is launched by those same on the planet Uranus. Enjoy the game on your iPhone and the devices with the iOS.

These are the platforms which have got the best possible ways to play games like this. The game is a way to unleash the astronaut in you, who has been unable to fulfill his or her dream to be a part of those manned missions by NASA.

The graphics of the game has been as it should be in a space odyssey. The whole theme has been explored by those various movies of Hollywood that has described the space as something charming. And the game developers are inspired by them only and have put on every possible element in the game that they could put in it from the Hollywood’s best flicks on space travel.

The music, the display the game controls as well as the whole game play, everything is so finely designed the player have to fall in love with the game within few moments of the gaming for the first time. The iOS supports the game play in such a way that the game has become favorites among the gamers within a few days of the release of the game in the international market by the gaming company Bolt Creative. Download the game from the website

Pocket God: Journey to Uranus for iPhone Free Download

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