Google Analytics Mobile App with Analytics Android App

Google Analytics as we all know provides all the detailed analysis of a particular site right from the traffic sources to the visitors that visits various pages and lot more than you can ever imagine. Have you every wished that it would be wonderful to have Google Analytics right on your Smartphone to ease out the task? Well your wish has come true after the announcement of Google Analytics Android App for all the users around the globe. This portable Mobile App does more than you think of.

Product Manager JiaJing Wang says the goal was to create a “holistic app analytics.” But there are many other Apps present in the market that provides analytics data but not entirely like the Analytics does for the users. The thing is that the other Apps doesn’t really tracks all of the relevant data.

Google Analytics Mobile App with Analytics Android App

Wang also mentioned that Google’s new Analytics App wrap the 3 main stages of an app’s association with users. And these 3 are as follows:

  • Acquisition And User Metrics
  • Engagement
  • Outcome

Acquisition and User Metrics

The developers can trail or track fresh, new and active users, and how breaking down across different App versions and operating system when it comes to user acquisition.


In this Google Analytics includes various data like usage frequency, engagement flow, and crash reports.


In this stage of outcomes, this Analytics App will illustrate conversions and in-app purchases. Data on mobile traffic is already included on Google Analytics but yet there is nothing that was specific to App developers. One change that must be looked out for is when users sign-up for Google Analytics, the first thing they are going to be prompted is whether he want to track a website or a Mobile App.

The good news is that unlike other Apps this new mobile data will be available to both iOS and Android App developers. Currently this Mobile App Analytics is in beta stage but the entire service and the features will be out for the users by the end of the summer.

Using this amazing Google Analytics Android app, it will be much easier for the users for data to be viewed about both for website and mobile apps on Smartphones. If you are an iOS user then you too have a reason to feel good because iOS version of this App will also be launched sooner than you can think of.

Google Analytics Mobile App with Analytics Android App

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