Google Chrome and Google Drive Apps Comes to iOS

Google Chrome, as we all know is a browser. And I can say with no doubts that it is the only browser that is been used by millions of users all around the world including me because of its simplicity and security along with lightening fast performance.

If you have Apple Smartphone and latest technology Gadgets then there is a new and burning hot news that Google Chrome and Google Drive is now available for iOS users. So follow this technology post and know more about them

Features of Google Chrome & Google Drive Apps

  • Both these were announced in the Google I/O 2012. They are available now for iPhone and iPad.
Google Chrome and Google Drive iOS Apps on iPhone and iPad
  • With these Apps it has become for you to sync all your tabs, bookmarks and other credentials across all their devices which includes Mac, PC, Android and Linux.
  • From this the intension of Google is clear to swipe away the Gadgets, Device and Smartphones with its browser everywhere.
  • This App provides similar experience for both the Android and the iOS users and it will run on iOS web view.
  • You can download this App from the download link given at the end of this post and have fun all the way in browsing.

Now it’s Google Drive’s turn. With this Google Drive you can store all kind of data on the cloud. When it was launched for the first time few months back then it was available only for Windows, Mac and for Android only but now it is available for iOS users. With this App you can download and edit your personal documents on iPad or iPhone hence making it much easier and portable.

With this App you can search text from images using OCR and also has embedded picture recognition. You can download this App from the download link given at the end of this post. And one great news is that now it is also possible to do offline editing in Google Drive. There is no need for the users to stay connected to the cloud. If you are worried about the changes that will takes effect then let me clear you that it will continue to get saved locally. Once you are online then it will sync up and save it to the cloud. Simple and easy isn’t it?

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