Google+ for Tablets – Android App Available now, Coming Soon to iPad

Google+ is one of the projects of Google and also a Social Media site where you can share, upload pics, comment, hangout and do more with your friends and family. All the other popular social media sites are on the web and their App version is also available over the Smartphone and Tablets then why not Google+?

Well, folks the long awaited wait is now over. Today, during Google I/O 2012 Google finally announced its official App for Google+ along with all new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Nexus 7 Tablet and the Nexus Q device.

Features of Google+ for Tablets-Android App

Google+ for Tablets - Android App Available now, Coming Soon to iPad

  • When Google+ was released last year it got many users instantly and still growing in numbers. It is mainly used for the group chat feature which is not available in any other social media site.
  •  But users used to log in to their Google account and then move on to the Google+, but after the announcement of this Google+ App for Android it is much easier for their users to log into their G+ account directly using this App.
  • From this it is clear that Google+ is making some serious user popularity on mobile devices rather than on the desktops.
  • The reason behind this is that most of the youth generation can be now found on mobile device rather than on desktop which makes it easier and more user friendly. Vic Gundotra- Google’s VP shared that “We think it’s the best version of Google+ we’re ever designed.”
  • This Android Apps for Google+ is available now and a sour news for iOS users is that they have to wait a little longer to have this App on their iPhone and the other Apple devices.

This Android App is full of many user friendly features such as an amazing stream that styles content based on popularity, type and direction. An awesome lean back Hangouts experience for better video calling experience.

Crunchy text, fully displayed photos and easy to tap actions like +1 and share with friends and families circles. So folks download this App and have fun all the with your Google+ account and share your world with friends and families in a totally different way right from your Tablet.

Google+ for Tablets – Android App Available now, Coming Soon to iPad

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