Google I/O: Google Maps and Google Earth Updates for Android devices

Maps are means of providing us directions and almost to look out for anything that we are looking over a place. If we are new to any place and if no one’s around to ask for directions then maps come in handy to reach the desired place. As the technology developed maps moved from papers to Smartphones. Now you can perform all sorts of actions such as search, estimate the distance to walk or travel by vehicle and more.

Google Maps and Google Earth are the pioneers in this field and does a fantastic job for people to reach out almost for anything they are looking for. Both these got new updates for its associated Android Apps at the Google I/O by the Google. Along with lots of other announcements were also made regarding Google+ along with all new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Nexus 7 Tablet and the Nexus Q device.

Google I/O: Google Maps and Google Earth Updates for Android devices

The very new update for Google Maps offline Maps to cut down the data charges for the users and new version also includes a compass mode by which you can have street view that enables you to look around you based on the gyroscope. Latest release on Google Earth and its 7.0 update with 3D maps.

By introducing 3D maps the visuals got a new standard in terms of viewing any place. But it is available only for few cities in the entire world that includes 45 degree aerial imagery that automatically creates 3D viewing of places including tall buildings and trees but we can expect more cities very soon in the future to get listed.

With these new updates you can highlight a specific or an entire city to cache for offline viewing at the later stage if user wishes to. Both these updated versions Android Apps are available to be downloaded on your Smartphone from the Google Play so why wait just hit the download link and have fun exploring the world.

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