Google Music Application 4.0.9 Version rolls out for Android

It was a matter of fact that only yesterday Google has rolled out its Google Music Service which will come with its new interface of Android App. However, one of the major problem people are not facing is that Google Music is only available for U.S. Residents as of now. While people who are living outside U.S. are not able to access the App from the Android Market, but the app was from the Android market which was to be available for all people.

The all new Google Music 4.0.9 beta version is an application that is designed for all the Music fans to show and live with fun. It has been redesigned with the UI support and now will also support Music Beta from the Authorized Google.

Free Download Google Music Application 4.0.9 Version for Android

While, one of the biggest advantage now with this Google Music is that any song whatever you have purchased from the Android Market will now be automatically be available in the Google Music Application.

However, you can also Stream the Music online or if you want then you can also take on to download it on your phone for Future use in Offline Mode as well. While, one of the intersting thing now is that this App will allow you to store upto 20,000 Songs on Google Server which you can listen, download at any time.

Features of Google Music Application 4.0.9

  • With this Application, whatever Music you purchase from the Android Market will automatically be available in Google music Store as well.
  • Has the ability to Store upto 20,000 Songs all together from your favorite Music Collection without being using your Computer Space.
  • Helps you to Access the Entire collection of Music Library with the help of Google Music App along with enabling you to download for Offline Use.
  • You can now Share all Music that you have Purchased from the Android Market with your friends on Google+ Plus.

Note: For Sharing, you require a Google Plus Account, if you don’t have, then check out the Tutorial on How to Create Google+ Plus Account

To Download Google Music Application 4.0.9, redirect yourself to 

Free Download Google Music Application 4.0.9 Version for Android

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