Google Overtakes Facebook in Employee Satisfaction [Infographic]

Have you always aspired to work for Facebook or Google? I am sure, everyone does !! Here is a quick information graphics for all those who are looking for jobs in Google or Facebook with the help of some valuable insights been shown below. While you might also note that in First Four years, people in Google are much more happy than People working out in Facebook.

While, on the basis of five-point scale, only one employee is dissatisfied whereas the four employees are completely satisfied about their job where employees rated Google as 3.9 and Facebook as 3.7. Similarly, for CEO part also Google’s CEO Larry Page has got a total of 94 percent approval rating whereas Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed 92 percent rating.

Here’s a quick look on what do most employees Dislike about their Jobs in Respective Companies


  • Salary and compensation (7 percent)
  • Politics (6 percent)
  • Work/life balance (4 percent)


  • Long hours (9 percent)
  • Work/life balance (7 percent)
  • Politics (5 percent)

Want to know more? Take a look at the info graphics:

Google overtakes Facebook in employee satisfaction [Infographic]

Source: Glassdoor

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