Gruml – Google Reader Collection for Mac OS X RSS Feeds

Google Reader Mac RSS feed reader provides us the comfort and flexibility to all the users. It is very simple and usable. It can be termed as a comprehensive web-based RSS feed reader. As the web trend is increasing RSS Feed is the best way to keep you updated to information of various fields without any need of web browser. There are many apps which provide us the services with the same or even more comfort and extra-ordinary updates.

Gruml is a Google Mac RSS feed, it always has the synchronization with the Google and keeps updating the information on your Mac as and when they get any update. You can also collect your favorite or important post, tags etc in a separate folder or file.

Gruml – Google Reader Collection for Mac OS X RSS Feeds

It is defined as one of the most capable Feed reader with many social features. As you enter you are first requested to enter the Google Reader log in details. As soon as you enter, you will be provided with all the updated information in a fraction of seconds.

As I said it has many social features, you can synchronize this app with your social accounts like Facebook, Instapaper, MySpace, Digg, Diigo, Delicious, Evernote,, Posterous, ReadItLater, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Tumblr. Bloggers and marketers will like it very much because you can directly post articles into these social sites. You can also tweet your favorite articles.

The interface of this app has 3 panes. One is the sidebar with all of your feeds, folders, and tags, second is the article list pane, this pane lists all of your unread feeds with details like author, date, feed source, etc and the third is preview pane which shows a preview of the active feed.

This app is still a beta version, so it’s not yet completely polished and all the bugs are not yet worked out. However Gruml is specified to be a Google client, so all Google lovers should definitely look forward towards it.

To mention the pros of using this app, first is the social interface using this you can send any item to the social network, second is the menubar icon when you click this icon a dropdown list with recent feeds will appear. You can also edit gruml’s font and size based on your eyesight and taste. Here finally is the link to this app and the download is completely free at

Gruml – Google Reader Collection for Mac OS X RSS Feeds

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