Have Fun with Pictures using Paper Camera Android App

It’s time to change to some childish apps to view your photos and images in funny way. Here you have most awesome Android Apps called Paper Camera through which you can view world into Paper format. Picture will be like childish in nature that has made crayon Paper work on your image. It actually works like this- camera has perfect interface that changes images so that it looks like a five year kid has done drawing or crayon on it.

Paper Camera is Awesome Mobile Apps with great editing Mobile Tools which adjust and modify to look like child made Picture. Paper Camera has best Mobile Tools with theme effects that apply some different types of cartoon and sketch based tools.

Features of Paper Camera

Paper Camera Android App to Have Fun with Pictures

  • Paper Camera has Mobile Tools like webm player using which you will be connected to browsers like Firefox or Chrome by which your camera downloads the required plugins.
  • This Android Apps has fantastic Photography Application by adding filter colors to looks like real time child crayon cartoon and image.
  • Paper Camera has awesome 11 filters and they are Comic Boom, Sketch Up, Acquarello, Old Printer, Neon Cola, Con Tours, Bleaching, Gotham Noir, Half Ton, Granny’s Paper and Pastel Perfect.
  • Simply by using click you make different Style Photo with above filters and you can send via any Social Network, Mail, and text message.

Paper Camera Mobile Apps is easy to use and it is properly designed with good polished work where everyone will have a look of pictures like that is made by five year old kid. To see gallery of photo there is a file button by clicking on, it will show different view to see photos conveniently. This is awesome Android Apps which is developed for Camera lovers.

One great drawback behind this Mobile Apps is that you cannot apply filters to the Existing photos. Developers have announced that this drawback will be recovered in the future updates of this Android Apps. Another disadvantage is that Picture Resolution is quite low. By using this Mobile Apps video can also be developed in better formats in Paper view format with good Filters. You can download Paper Camera from Official link given below

Paper Camera Android App to Have Fun with Pictures

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