High Quality Gaming with Checkers Free HD for iPhone and iPad

It has been the most sought after Checkers free HD game for the iPhone and now it is back in the arena, to rule again, with the ipad. If you are a chess freak and have been looking for a free Checkers free HD game for your ipad, then you would be suggested to look no further and check out Checkers free HD at once.

You are sure to fall for it at the first look. With realistic features and great game play, improved graphics, great sound tracks and life like gaming experience, Checkers free HD is sure to capture your heart no matter what. You do not need to be a great chess player to like the game, all you need to do, is like the game and play with your heart.

Free Download Checkers Free HD Game for iPhone and iPad

The game supports both single player as well as multiplayer modes in it, so that you could either play with computer BOTS or challenge your friends to an exciting game of Norm’s world.

The features in the game include

  • Great graphics and high quality sound effects for you to enjoy.
  • You can change the player names and score tracking system according to when you want to.
  • An outstanding AI system which will give you a very tough competition and is programmed to be set into different difficulty modes according to your choice.
  • You have the undo feature which is a new addition to this game. It comes in handy in case you make a mistake in the single player version of the game but it does not work in Multiplayer so you have to be careful all the time, while playing Multiplayer.
  • The game gets automatically saved while you exit, even if you have forgotten to save it before leaving, this helps a lot in game.
  • You get different language options in game like British English or American English and can apply them according to your wishes.
  • You can also play the game according to the English rules or the Draughts rules, whichever you prefer.

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Free Download iPhone Games

Free Download iPad Games

The new features in the latest version is

  • The older bugs have been fixed and hence it improves the gaming experience.
  • An all new “Remove Ad button” has been added to help minimize problems regarding the game; hence you will not get distracted as before.

It is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 3 .2 or higher versions. It can be downloaded from

Free Download Checkers Free HD Game for iPhone and iPad

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