How Pinterest Drive More Online Sales Than Any Other Network [Infographic]

Just a few weeks ago we were reading about how Pinterest monthly visitor growth was slowing down. Just some few weeks ago, we shared an article about How Pinterest Can Give Instant Growth to Your Brand and today we are going to share another article on Pinterest. Many people believe that Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking website after Facebook, but the growth of this particular site is limited to the people.

So here we bring some stats from the ComScore, according to which the number of users has increased in each month in Pinterest as shown below

11.7 million unique visitors in January 2012.

17.8 million unique visitors in February 2012.

18.7 million unique visitors in March 2012.

Pretty impressive isn’t it? It is!! We have also listed out some of the best 64 Pinterest Marketing Tips and Tactics for business to use and grow as much as possible. And according to the following information graphics Pinterest is currently at number 3 position after Facebook and Twitter. While one can also say that Pinterest now act as the new StumbleUpon as a new element for traffic generator.

But the main task about here is driving all the Social Sale, which Pinterest is able to do at a huge pace. Here are some important points:

  • Those Pins which has a Price tag, are able to get 36% more likes than the rest.
  • The new stats shows that Pinterest is been able to contribute with 17% of social media driven revenue in Q1 2012, which is 16% more from Q2 2011.
  • Buyers who are coming to Pinterest spends more than 10% of what Buyers spent on other Networks.
  • Brands on Pinterest are growing more faster than on Twitter

So enjoy this infographic and start promoting your business on Pinterest for more successful growth in the upcoming years.

How Pinterest Drive More Online Sales Than Any Other Network [Infographic]

Source: Shopify

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