How to Cultivate Social and Connected Organization [Infographic]

We have the rise of Social Networks in past years and also we will see in the upcoming days with the rise and increase of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn which has already started in the recent past. While there have been many arguments whether Employees should be banned from using the Facebook during office hours, or they should be allowed to use them even during the office hours which is depicted in the following information graphics.

While, in most of the cases, the Decision is likely to be made by the employees itself to connect or not to connect to Social Networks during their job. Most of the time even if they are not allowed, then they would some of the popular gadgets like Smartphone to connect to their Social people.

At the end of the its the employee who has to recognize that using both the things can bring in Huge Advantages as well as Disadvantages, altogether in info graphics. For more of such tips and stuffs on Advantages, you can view our complete Infographics on “The Social Enterprise” which shows how Social Profiles and connection have actually become a part of every organization.

How to Cultivate Social and Connected Organization [Infographic]


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