How to Customize Windows 8 Start Screen

We need entertainment and we quickly get bored of same stuffs soon. In that case you will go for customization. This is the place where your innovation comes into the picture.  Using your innovative mind and the customization setting you will be able to customize your start screen and design it in your own required way.

Microsoft has tried to bring in a different format by completely changing the format from the scratch. The final product has come out really well with new innovative ideas. Few users loved it to the core and few are finding it difficult and uneasy. So for the users how are not comfortable and those who need difference with regular interval, here we are going to discuss about customizing the windows 8 start screen.

You have application called decor8 which will help you perform customization to larger extent. The only drawback of this app is its cost. You will have to shed $4.99 to get hands on this application. Well there is also a free version of it, if you are not interested to spend on this, then you can definitely try out the free version.

To customize the start screen you have to first get into the windows 8 start screen customizer. Once you get it, you will be able to edit the background picture, you will be able to customize the top as per your needs. It will also give you choice to choose favorite desktop wallpapers which will be automatically replace start screen background on your Windows 8 system.

How to Customize Windows 8 Start Screen

The customization which you can do is as follows:

  • Set desktop wallpapers as background
  • Select any pictures from any folder
  • Set the sequence in which the background images should appear
  • Apply different types of effects to it
  • Change the opacity of Start Screen and Tiles
  • Set the start screen to transparent
  • Set number of rows of tiles to be displayed
  • Set slideshow


  • The left side of the app displays options to select pre-loaded background
  • The bottom option in left pane helps you to change the number of rows and Start Screen and Tiles
  • Right hand pane allows you to use desktop wallpaper or select pictures from the folders. There are also several other options available like slideshow option etc
  • There is also an option to revert back to the old background

You can download this at Customizer

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