[How to] Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows 7

You can Dual Boot windows 8 preview with windows 7 by following the instruction properly. There will be a Microsoft forum post to find out ways to dual boot Windows 8 Consumer preview along with my Windows 7. Hence you can get an overview of Windows 8 by installing this Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Firstly you will have to download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO image file

There are two different versions they are- 32 bit and 64 bit. You can know the compatibility of your system by clicking on start button then right click on computer, choose “Properties” and then system type. You will be able to see any one of the two given values.

How to Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Windows 7

Create a Partition for Windows 8

After downloading, you will have to allot space for windows 8 operating system in your hard disk. There are two ways of partition. Here I will partition using disk management section.

Right click on the Computer icon in your desktop and select Manage. Now browse through the disk management section which is in the computer management windows. Select any one of your disk which has maximum free space and shrink it.

Shrink the disk            

To shrink the disk, Right click on the volume that you want to shrink, and then click Shrink Volume in the Disk Management.

A shrink dialog box appears. Enter the amount of disk space which you want to allot for windows 8 Consumer Preview. Click shrink.

Install Windows 8 in the Created Partition

Now install the downloaded ISO file in this partition. As the installation process gets over you will be able to a ‘PowerISO Virtual Drive Manager’ appearing in the Start menu programs shortcut section. That will display a tool tray bar which will be minimized by default.


Click on that PowerISO tool tray icon and then a single-click on the ‘MountImageto Drive option. This will display all the other drives which have free space and an open window to browse the windows 8 ISO file.

You can mount the image after which a new virtual drive will appear in Computer under the section ‘Devices with Removable Storage’. If you have downloaded 32 bit version then you must right click on that drive and click “Open in a new Window” option.

Run the Set Up File

  • Go to the sources folder and then run your ISO file. If you will run without going to sources folder then it will upgrade windows 8 CP.
  • Click on “to install updates from the Internet” in the first step. Always search for for missing components required to facilitate a smoother set-up.
  • Now in the Second step, you must choose either one of the choice – Upgrade to Windows 8 Consumer preview or install it as a separate OS. Here we are going to dual boot windows 8 with windows 7. so we will choose second option.
  • Third step, you will have to mention the drive in which you will like to upgrade windows 8 consumer preview separately. Choose the partition you created and move ahead.
  • Note: By mistake if you will choose any other drive, then it will overwrite windows 7 and upgrade windows 8. Keep in mind that we are dual booting here not upgrading OS.
  • The PC will restart a couple of times before the actual Win 8 CP installation begins.
  • After installation gets over, you will have to select which Operating System you will prefer as a default one, in this case you must select windows 7 because Apps, Games, files are not compatible with this consumer preview version of Windows 8.
  • So every time you start your PC, it will allows you you to choose between Windows 8, Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows (XP,Vista).You can download this ISO file at windows-8 consumer-preview

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