How To Flash TWRP Recovery for Photon Q 4G LTE XT897

You can do hell lot of things if you own an Android device as this world is flooding with Android devices and custom guides available for them. But still if you want to enjoy to the core then you need to use custom recovery such as TWRP Recovery which is a must have tool. You can enjoy hassle free and quick installations after it is installed on your device.

And not to forget it is all possible thanks to the XDA Developer arrrghhh. It has some bugs but it is worth to flash your device with it if you want to enjoy the all new TWRP recovery. Read on this Android Tutorial to know more on How To Flash TWRP Recovery for Photon Q 4G LTE XT897.

Requirements Before You Flash

  • You will require a Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE XT897.
  • Now you need to backup all your device data.
  • At least 70% charge of the battery is needed to carry out the task.
  • Turn off security systems on your device such as Firewall and any installed Anti Virus.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device.
  • Download and install drivers for your device on your PC.
  • Read the guide fully and then perform the operation on the model specified in the title, we are not responsible for any erroneous outcomes after performing the operations.
  • Carry out at your own risk because the guide is provided for educational purposes.

Steps To Flash TWRP Recovery for Photon Q 4G LTE XT897

How To Flash TWRP Recovery for Photon Q 4G LTE XT897

  • Download and save the TWRP Recovery image to your PC’s C:\ drive.
  • Using a USB cable connect your Smartphone to PC.
  • Open up a command prompt on your PC and navigate to the location where you saved the TWRP Recovery image.
  • Now you need to boot your device in Fastboot Mode by entering adb reboot bootloader in command prompt.
  • Now you need to enter fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp- in the cmd prompt in order to install TWRP Recovery.
  • And after it is installed, you need to unplug your device and reboot it.
  • And after that enter into TWRP Recovery by pressing and holding the Volume Up+Power buttons and after that release the Power button.
  • Now you will be able to see the display on release the Volume Up button. Finally you will be in TWRP Recovery.

Download Motorola Drivers for Windows –

Download TWRP Recovery –

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