[How to] Get iPhone Lockscreen for Android with MagicLocker

Android Mobiles have become a trend along with it Apps in it are also having a mark over the trend. You are not only allowed to design Apps and use them but also can choose your favorite lockscreen based on your choice like patterns, passwords and sliders etc. To change the lockscreen of your choice, click on Applications and then choose Settings, after entering in it, look for Location and Security and then set Screen Lock by selecting whatever pattern you’d like to prefer to use as a lockscreen.

Apart from these options, if you want to have a new lockscreen then you must go for MagicLocker Main application. This consists of two types of default lock-skin- a convincing clone of the iPhone lockscreen and a grungy 3-point lockscreen named Robot Lost. It provides the “Slide to Unlock” type of lockscreen which is available in iPhone. Robot Lost is one of the trending Android applications available in the market.

How to Get iPhone Lockscreen for Android with MagicLocker

Generally, you will need to follow the following steps

  • Applications –> Settings –> Location and Security –> Set Screen Lock –> Select whatever pattern you’d like to use to Unlock your device.

The Screen display changes based on the usage of the Phone. If your device is plugged in for charging, then the lockscreen background is replaced by a battery graphic. Otherwise it displays a sophisticated clock with unread calls and Text messages.

Once installed, you can switch to any of your favorite skins of iPhone in your Android Phones. Press the power button to lock the Phone and then you will be able to view a new skinned lockscreen to tackle in order to fetch information in the Mobile. Through this Android Apps you can also activate your mobile, send message or use camera and also other exciting shortcuts directly from your Lockscreen.

This Mobile Apps as a 3-way unlock with shortcuts to the default Messaging and Dialer Applications. They display an animated rustic Android background with a Mad-Eye Moody right behind the unlock button. To unlock the Mobile tools on the screen, you will have to drag the unlock button down for Messaging and to unlock to the Dialer.

There are few errors on which the developers are working in order to improve the Performance of the App and tries providing a better experience to the user. At times the device becomes unresponsive because of this App. It is expected that the developers will come out with a solution for this problem very soon. you can download at

How to Get iPhone Lockscreen for Android with MagicLocker

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