[How To] Install Siri On iPad, iPhone 4/3gs, iPod Touch With i4Siri Proxy

Want to install Siri on your Smartphone or on an A4 device? Then I will tell you how to install Siri On iPad, iPhone 4/3gs, iPod Touch with i4Siri proxy. iPhone 4S wouldn’t have been the same without the presence of Siri. It is the exemplary feature of this amazing product. Many other Siri clones presents in Android and iOS marketplace, but no one could prove worthy as Siri proved to be for Apple’s iPhone.

The main reason behind the popularity of Siri is that it can offer help to the end-users by letting them Manage calendars, schedule meeting, search weather, locate their friends, search Google and much more that you wouldn’t even dreamt of.

Siri of iPad and A4 devices

Siri may be integrated into the iPhone 4S but unavailable to the A4 devices and leading them to perform jailbreak and adopt some of the cydia tweaks.

How To Install Siri On iPad iPhone 4/3gs iPod Touch With i4Siri Proxy

i4Siri for iPad and A4 device users

you must understand the preconditions before installing i4Siri proxy server on your device. You have to jailbreak your iDevice first.

Steps for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch users

Step 1: you need to Install Spire first. Launch Cydia and search for Spire. It will start downloading over 100MB files so use WiFi connection.

Step 2: after installing, go to Settings-> General –> Siri and make sure that Toggle is ON. What This will do is that it will activate the Siri like of Spire.

Step 3: Open Safari and launch http://i4siri.com/installcertificate.html. After this URL get loaded it will prompt you to install the certificate.

Step 4: Finally go to Settings-> Spire and add the following URL in Proxy Host field https://i4sirifree.mooo.com/

Now Just click Home button and you will have Siri talking to you. Because of the public proxy, you may find it little bit slow. But most of the time, it should work perfectly.

Steps for iPad and iPad 2 users

Step 1: Go to Cydia and repo http://idevicedaily.com/repo

Step 2: Next, Add http://i4sirir.com/repo

Step 3: Search and install i4Siri iPad

Step 4: Go to Settings-> General-> Siri and turn Siri ON

Step 5: Go back to Settings-> i4siri and click install certificate

Step 6: Go to Settings-> Spire and enter https://i4sirifree.mooo.com proxy address

However, you can also check out this video which will clearly show you all the steps

That’s it folks! So this will install and activate Siri on iPad or iPad 2 device.

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